About MobilHybrid

In our assembly workshop, the forge of MobilHybrid GmbH, our products are created with German engineering quality and craftsmanship. Each of our energy storage systems is carefully handcrafted by our experts and customised according to the individual requirements and wishes of our customers.

We place the highest value on quality and precision to ensure that our solutions fulfil your expectations in every respect. 


Our values

Our values are quality, innovation and environmental responsibility. Quality stands for outstanding performance, innovation for continuous development and environmental responsibility for active environmental protection. These values characterise our actions.

Our vision

To be a leader in mobile energy storage and promote renewable energy worldwide. We want to shape a future in which mobile, clean energy becomes the norm and makes fossil fuels superfluous.

Our mission

Developing and producing revolutionary mobile energy storage systems that reduce dependence on diesel fuel. We offer a wide range of products, the highest quality and short, local delivery routes. Our mission is to actively promote sustainable energy supply and have a positive impact on the world.

Start & Foundation

100% We independently launch the development and production of the first MobilHybrids and mobile PV systems. Committed to a sustainable future - Made in Germany!

Energised & charged

Major order in collaboration with a construction site hire company for the production of mobile low-emission power supplies consisting of MobilHybrid, power generator and PV

Smart & Clever

Whether grid, generator or PV, the new MobilHybrid options and functions enable broad and flexible use - for even more savings on emissions and fuel

Self-sufficient & safe

Start of development and production of stationary and ready-to-connect "HomeHybrid" electricity storage systems - for maximum PV self-consumption and protection in the event of a grid failure

Power & Play

Product extension MobilHybrid MH48 and MH72 for construction sites and events with high power and energy requirements

Relocation & expansion

New production facilities to triple production capacity. We are ready for the future!

The management team

Our management team is firmly convinced that the future of energy supply lies in renewable energies. Both privately and professionally, we pursue sustainable values and are actively committed to shaping a clean environment.

With many years of expertise in power electronics, battery technology, design, sales and management, we are ideally positioned to develop innovative solutions for a sustainable energy future.

Our commitment to our products and employees is unwavering. We work hard to leave the planet better than we found it. We are actively shaping the future with targeted, sustainable and innovative solutions.

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