Utility companies

For utility companies, securing the power supply, preventing blackouts and optimising renewable energies are key concerns. With growing environmental awareness and limited grid connection capacity, we at MobilHybrid customised solutions. Don't just fulfil requirements, create a safe, environmentally friendly energy future. Welcome to MobilHybrid - your answer to the challenges in the supply sector.

Your advantages with Mobilhybrid
Our services for utility companies

With MobilHybrid not only provides you with an uninterruptible power supply, but also makes an active contribution to grid stability. In the event of a disaster MobilHybrid for a reliable power supply. The integration of renewable energy is seamless and our system ensures a secure customer supply even during maintenance work. The positive effect on your environmental image and the possibility of achieving sustainability targets make MobilHybrid to a holistic solution for your utility company.

Our ContainerHybrid brings energy to where you need it. Whether in remote areas, at temporary events or as a mobile backup solution - ybrid is the perfect solution. ContainerHybrid offers flexibility and security. With its integrated MobilHybrid system, it not only enables an uninterruptible power supply, but also a significant reduction in operating costs and a contribution to environmental friendliness.

Our PV systems enable environmentally friendly energy generation at any location. Ideal for construction sites, trade fairs and events, they not only offer licence-free use of PV energy, but also a flexible and expandable solution. Through integration with MobilHybrid, you can not only save on diesel costs, but also make your energy supply more sustainable. Set up and dismantled within minutes, the KlappPV fast, self-sufficient energy generation in a wide variety of scenarios.

Our strength lies not only in standardised products, but also in our ability to develop customised solutions that are tailored to the exact requirements of your utility. Whether you have specific performance requirements, spatial challenges to overcome or particular environmental considerations to take into account, we work closely with you to create an optimised energy infrastructure. Your satisfaction takes centre stage as we provide innovative solutions for a sustainable, safe and efficient energy supply.

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