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The organisation of events requires a smooth energy supply. In this challenging environment, rising diesel prices, minimum loads for Stage V gensets and environmental regulations are often the order of the day. This is where the MobilHybrid to not only halve operating costs, but also to create environmentally friendly alternatives.

The innovation of MobilHybrid is not only to ensure efficient operation, but also to promote environmentally conscious behaviour. The solution? No noise, no emissions and simple operation that meets the requirements of events and trade fairs. The MobilHybrid not only drastically reduces emissions, but also saves CO², both locally and globally.

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With MobilHybrid not only generates energy, but also creates an experience. The quiet and mobile power supply solutions efficiently secure live streams and film productions and reduce the risk of a power outage for producers and participants. MobilHybrid is the answer to the growing demand for environmentally friendly film productions, and the use of airfreight approved batteries allows unrestricted transport, while the non-lithium use allows operation in sensitive environments such as nature reserves.

This innovative solution is not only a response to the current challenges, but also a step towards sustainable film productions. No noise, no emissions, simple operation and the possibility of MobilHybrid's unrestricted transportability makes it the ideal choice for events that not only want to impress, but also protect the environment.

Our PV-systems not only offer the possibility of generating sustainable energy, but also focus on efficiency and flexibility. Customised to the requirements of events, concerts, trade fairs and festivals, they enable a green energy supply without compromises.

Through the integration of PVtechnology not only minimises the ecological footprint, but also taps into a resource-saving energy source. The individual customisation of each system makes it possible to cover energy requirements in a tailor-made manner and set environmentally friendly standards.

Our customised energy solutions focus on your individual needs. Whether it's the integration of renewable energies, the reduction of CO2 emissions or the creation of redundant power supply systems, we develop customised concepts that turn your vision into reality.

From planning to implementation, we offer not only products but also expertise. Our team is on hand to understand your requirements and create innovative, customised energy solutions. Together, we will shape a sustainable energy future that not only supplies your events with electricity, but also makes them a sustainable experience.

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