In agriculture, day-to-day work is characterised by unpredictable challenges. In an environment characterised by risks due to power outages, limited grid connections and increasing environmental requirements, farmers are looking for solutions that are not only efficient but also guarantee a sustainable energy supply. This is where MobilHybrid to not only ensure power security, but also to provide a reliable and environmentally friendly energy source for various agricultural applications. Immerse yourself in a future where agriculture and energy efficiency go hand in hand.

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The intelligent peak shaving technology optimises the MobilHybrid increases the grid connection power, reduces costs and ensures an efficient increase in performance thanks to the grid booster. The power boost enables improved peak load coverage for high power requirements. All of this is done in line with sustainable principles, as the MobilHybrid relies on environmentally friendly batteries that are recyclable to 99%.

The integration of PV-systems completes this ecological picture. By optimising self-consumption for renewable energies and CO² reduction through the use of PV-energy, the farm contributes to sustainability.

Our customised solutions offer security and reliability for the energy supply of agricultural businesses. Our solutions are characterised by the flexible provision of energy, self-sufficient power supply options and rapid adaptation to different requirements. Our aim is not only to provide agricultural businesses with energy, but also to offer customised, sustainable energy solutions for a successful and efficient future.

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