MobilHybrid - the self-sufficient, environmentally friendly and mobile storage system

About us

We are a renowned German company for mobile energy storage systems based in Augsburg. Since our foundation in 2014, we have been designing and producing storage systems that are compatible with different energy sources. Our devices are available in several sizes that differ in performance, so we cover the needs of different industries. When manufacturing our products, we place great emphasis on quality and manual work, which is why we keep the production in our own hands.

Our products


The MobilHybrid is a mobile electricity storage system with intelligent control. It enables a particularly economical and environmentally friendly, yet continuous supply to your consumers.

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ContainerHybrid Systems

The powerful Container Hybrid Systems are available as storage units in 2 sizes: 10 feet with a usable battery capacity of 48 or 72 kWh and 20 feet with a useful Battery capacity of 108 kWh. 

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The HomeHybrid is an intelligent energy manager and Electricity storage for your home, whether for self-generated or external electricity. The HomeHybrid storage systems are tailored to your requirements.

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Solar systems

The innovative solar systems are the ideal complement to our electricity storage units. This is how you generate your own Electricity directly from the sun, free of charge and completely without any Environmental impact.

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