In the world of telecommunications, where every connection counts, companies face a multitude of challenges. Rising diesel prices, environmental regulations and the need for an uninterruptible power supply make the operation of radio and weather stations demanding. This is where the MobilHybrid as an innovative solution not only to optimise operation, but also to ensure a sustainable, environmentally friendly energy supply.

With MobilHybrid not only minimises the carbon footprint, but also ensures a reliable, uninterrupted power supply. The adaptability of the MobilHybrid to different environments enables easy integration and quick installation, even in regions without infrastructure.

Your advantages with Mobilhybrid
MobilHybrid - Radio tower power supply
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Low maintenance effort

MobilHybrid is revolutionising the telecommunications industry by minimising maintenance. With this solution, you stay online longer without costly interruptions for maintenance.

Transportable anywhere

MobilHybrid means absolute freedom for your infrastructure. No matter where your projects take you, MobilHybrid is easy to transport and ready for immediate use.

Low space requirement, maintenance-free operation

Thanks to the small space requirement and maintenance-free operation, the MobilHybrid for an unobtrusive, powerful energy supply, even in urban or sensitive environments.

Plug & Play - compatible and ready to use

The integration of MobilHybrid is child's play. The system is compatible with a wide range of generators, fuel cells and power grids and is delivered ready to use.

Energy control around the clock

MobilHybrid gives you control over your energy supply. Monitor consumption via the MobilHybrid data portal to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.

User-friendly and DGUV-compliant

The user-friendly operation and the possibility of commissioning without a qualified electrician in accordance with DGUV 203-023 make MobilHybrid to a flexible and practical solution.

Simple integration, quick installation

The uncomplicated integration and quick installation of MobilHybrid enable your projects to run smoothly. Get the energy you need, where you need it, without compromise.

PVsystems offer a sustainable answer to the increasing energy requirements in telecommunications:

1. clean energy, everywhere: PVsystems enable an independent, renewable power supply even in remote regions without a grid connection.

2. environmental friendliness: Reduce the CO2 footprint of your systems. PV-plants produce energy without emissions and contribute to ecological sustainability.

3. continuous availability: Independence from external energy sources, especially in regions with unstable power supplies or high reliability requirements.

4. integration with MobilHybrid: The PV-systems can be seamlessly combined with MobilHybrid to ensure a continuous energy supply, even under changing conditions.

5. easy installation and maintenance: Low maintenance requirements and simple installation make PVsystems for a cost-efficient solution.

Experience with PV-systems are an innovative energy source that is not only efficient but also environmentally friendly.

Our customised solutions offer security and reliability for the energy supply of agricultural businesses. Our solutions are characterised by the flexible provision of energy, self-sufficient power supply options and rapid adaptation to different requirements. Our aim is not only to provide agricultural businesses with energy, but also to offer customised, sustainable energy solutions for a successful and efficient future.

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