The stationary power supply for your construction project

The big MobilHybrid are installed in a container and can therefore be easily integrated into the construction site logistics. The HS-48 and HS-72 containers are housed in a 10-foot container and the HS-108 is delivered ready for operation in a 20-foot container. The ventilation and air-conditioning of the containers is based on customer requirements and can range from a very cold -40 °C to a tropical 55 °C. The container is designed so that solar panels can be attached to the container roof to generate solar power. to produce. This enables a particularly environmentally friendly supply to your consumers. 

ContainerHybrid & ContainerPV

With this combination, you have control over your energy supply and benefit from maximum efficiency and cost savings. Discover today how ContainerHybrid and ContainerPV 2.0 offers the perfect solution for your energy needs.

Advantages & functions

The ContainerHybrid selects the most favourable of several energy sources (hybrid) for the current load status. This can be the integrated battery storage system, a diesel generator, photovoltaic modules or even an existing grid.

The diesel generator is only started when the ContainerHybrid has to be recharged or large loads are to be operated. This significantly reduces fuel and maintenance costs for the diesel unit and extends its service life.

  • Less frequent refuelling
  • No unnecessary fuel consumption
  • Never fill up with fuel again thanks to the combination of ContainerHybrid and ContainerPV
  • Significant amounts of CO2 and harmful exhaust gases are saved
  • The service life and maintenance intervals of the diesel unit are extended
  • Whisper-quiet operation of the power supply, as the diesel generator is switched off most of the time or is no longer needed at all in some applications
  • Further CO2 and money savings when photovoltaic modules are added to the hybrid system
  • The lead batteries used are 99% recyclable

The batteries are designed for a service life of 1200 cycles. At one cycle per day, this corresponds to a service life of approx. 5 years. A residual capacity of 80% is defined as the end of the service life. The battery set can be replaced cost-effectively in a short time. Of course, we take back the old battery sets.

On the ContainerHybrid device, with the exception of the battery pack, comes with a 2-year guarantee.

Further arguments:

  • Attractive design
  • PV charging unit as an option for operation with ContainerPV
  • Mains input as option
  • IP54 Schuko / IP67 CEE plug connector
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