Home power supply - Reliable energy for your home with HomeHybrid

Our Home power supply solutions offer you a reliable and efficient way of supplying your home with energy. Whether for emergencies, independent energy supply or as a supplement to your existing power grid, our Power supply for the home systems are flexible, easy to install and environmentally friendly. 

The HomeHybrid electricity storage package stores surplus energy from existing and new photovoltaic systems. Regardless of whether your PV system has fallen out of the EEG feed-in tariff or whether you are expanding or planning a new PV system. Store the surplus solar power that your solar system generates during the day and that you do not consume directly in your household or business. You can then simply use the electricity at any time when you need it and the sun is no longer shining. With the right design, you can increase your self-consumed solar power from 30% to up to 75%. This way you can maximise your self-consumption!

All HomeHybrid storage systems are customised to your requirements. In addition to the PV modules, all other components such as the inverter, lithium-ion batteries, SmartMeter, grid and house connection are already installed in a space-saving housing. This eliminates the need for time-consuming and sometimes unpredictable installation work on site. Simply plug it in, switch it on and maximise your electricity cost savings.

Clever savings with HomeHybrid

The cost of energy continues to rise - electricity is expensive. If you want to save money and no longer have to rely on electricity from the grid, use our clever energy storage system HomeHybrid. With a consumption of 10,000 kilowatt hours (kWh) per year save up to 3,000 euros per year in electricity costs.

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