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In an environment characterised by a three-fold increase in grid costs, limited grid connection capacity and increasing environmental requirements, innovative solutions are in demand. This is where MobilHybrid comes into play not only to optimise operations, but also to make a sustainable contribution to environmental goals. From reducing emissions to increasing the overload capacity of critical machines, ybrid offers a wide range of solutions. MobilHybrid is the answer to the challenges that characterise industry today. Immerse yourself in a future where efficiency meets environmental responsibility.

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In industry and manufacturing, uninterrupted production operations are of crucial importance. Our MobilHybrid solutions offer you the flexibility to precisely control the power requirements of your systems. They are perfect for use in industrial plants to minimise downtimes and make production processes more efficient.

Large production facilities require a reliable energy supply. With our ContainerHybrid systems, you can increase the performance of your grid connection and reduce your operating costs at the same time. These solutions are ideal if you have a continuous and large energy requirement in your production facility.

Sustainability is of great importance in industry and manufacturing. Our PV systems, such as ContainerPV 2.0 and KlappPVsolar panels allow you to utilise solar energy efficiently and cover your energy requirements in an environmentally friendly way. This can lead to considerable savings in operating costs.

We understand that the requirements in industry and manufacturing vary depending on the sector and production process. Our solutions are modular and can be customised to the specific needs of your plant.

Regardless of whether you want to increase the energy efficiency of your production facilities, consider switching to renewable energies or optimise your production processes, we offer tailor-made solutions for your industry.

Contact us to find out more about how we can fulfil the requirements of your industrial and manufacturing facilities. We look forward to working with you.

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