The HomeHybrid is a stand-alone energy source that functions independently of the mains supply and works like an uninterruptible power supply. This protects sensitive electrical devices such as computers and heat pumps. This mode of operation significantly reduces bureaucratic hurdles for both the grid operator and the tax office.


The HomeHybrid can be operated entirely without a mains supply and works like an uninterruptible power supply. This protects other electrical consumers such as computer systems or heat pumps. It also eliminates bureaucratic hurdles with the grid operator and the tax office. The solar power is stored and utilised efficiently. The HomeHybrid was developed for anyone looking for maximum security of supply, regardless of whether they run a household or a business.

The HomeHIn the event of a blackout, ybrid continues to supply all consumers safely and efficiently without interruption for several hours, days, weeks and even months! In addition to an existing or new photovoltaic system, ybrid can optionally be connected to any HomeHybrid, an additional power generator can also be connected. The HomeHybrid controls everything automatically. If the energy from photovoltaics is not sufficient or consumers with high energy requirements are operated, the HomeHybrid automatically switches on the power generator. To ensure that it is operated as briefly and efficiently as possible, the energy generated is also used to charge the battery. The HomeHybrid is also supplied ready for house connection with all the necessary components in a space-saving housing. In addition to the storage systems, we also supply all other components such as PV modules and substructures from a single source.

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Weight 215-240 kg
Dimensions 600 × 1200 × 1950 cm
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