ContainerPV 2.0

The ContainerPV 2.0 offers a pioneering way to integrate solar energy into containerised solutions and is the perfect choice for projects that require a cost-effective, sustainable and flexible energy source.


The ContainerPV 2.0 is a state-of-the-art PV system that has been specially developed for integration into containerised solutions. This innovative solution offers numerous advantages that make it the ideal choice for various applications:

1. cost-optimised transport and easy handlingThe ContainerPV 2.0 was designed with a focus on cost-efficient transport and easy handling. This enables smooth integration and use in different environments.

2. flexible installation both on container roofs and on the groundThis PV system can be installed both on the roofs of containers and in open areas. This versatility makes it particularly adaptable and useful.

3. pre-assembled PV system for all types of containers, also suitable for 3m containersThe ContainerPV 2.0 is a pre-assembled PV system that is suitable for containers of different sizes, including 3m containers. This enables a wide range of applications.

4. mounted ballast tray for secure weighting without penetrationThe PV system has a mounted ballast tray that enables secure weighting without penetrating the container surface.

5. can be customised depending on location and container positionThe ContainerPV 2.0 can be individually aligned to ensure the best possible solar radiation at different locations and in different container positions.

Additional information


65 kg


2450 x 1800 x 400 mm

Continuous power STC

850 Wp

Average daily amount of energy

2500 Wh

Summer days Energy amount

5000 Wh

Cable, option available

10 m

Adjustable tilt angle


Output connector


Protection class


Operating temperature

-25°C to +60°C

Output voltage MMP STC

63,4 V

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