The KlappPV is the optimal solution for temporary power supply and provides environmentally friendly solar energy wherever it is needed. Its versatility and efficiency make it the first choice for short and medium-term applications in different environments.


The KlappPV is an innovative PV system that has been specially designed for mobile applications and temporary use. It is characterised by a number of advantages that make it the ideal choice for various areas of application:

1. licence-free use of PV energy on construction sites, trade fairs and eventsThe KlappPV enables the trouble-free and licence-free use of PV energy in various environments, including construction sites, trade fairs and events. This offers an environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to conventional power sources.

2. easy transport and safe storage in the transport rackThe KlappPV is extremely mobile and can be stored safely in its special transport rack. This makes transport easier and protects the system from damage.

3. modular and flexibly expandableThe KlappPV has a modular structure, which means that it can be expanded as required. This enables flexible adaptation to different requirements.

4. adjustable up to 30° to the sun - 20% greater energy yieldThe KlappPV can be orientated up to 30 degrees towards the sun, which enables up to 20% more energy yield compared to flat operation.

5. flexible solar utilisation wherever energy is neededThe KlappPV offers the possibility of flexible solar utilisation at various locations where energy is needed. This can include landfills, weekend homes, mountain pastures, travelling construction sites and more.

6. plug & play, assembled/disassembled within 2 minutes: The installation of the KlappPV is extremely simple and only takes a few minutes. The plug & play principle enables quick assembly and disassembly, which increases efficiency.

Additional information

Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 2170 × 2000 × 1060 cm
Number of modules


Continuous power STC

670 Wp

High-performance modules

2×335 Wp

Average daily amount of energy

1990 Wh

Summer days Energy amount

4000 Wh

Cable, option available

10 m
30 m

Adjustable tilt angle


Output connector


Protection class


Operating temperature

-25°C to +60°C

Output voltage MMP STC

68 V

Open circuit voltage STC

83 V

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