The ContainerPV is an innovative solar system for containers. It is simply placed on the container roof and attached to the container corners using the fastening elements supplied to generate your own solar power immediately. This solar solution perfectly complements our ContainerHybrid and together they optimise the reduction of CO2 and diesel costs.


The new ContainerPV is an innovative solar system for your container. Simply place it on the container roof and screw it to the container corners using the fastening elements supplied, and you can immediately generate your own solar power. The new ContainerPV is the ideal complement to our MobilHybrid, together they ensure optimum CO2 and diesel savings.

Thanks to the simple tilting option, the ContainerPV with a 30° inclination and south-facing orientation always maximises energy. If the container is moved to a different location, the ContainerPV securely on the container, even during transport, thanks to the solid screw connection. You simply fold in the installation bracket and the ContainerPV is only 110 mm high, ideal for transport.

Other advantages:

  1. There are two ContainerPV to a 20-foot container and four to a 40-foot container
  2. Due to the shading of the container, significantly less air conditioning is required in summer

Additional information

Weight 140 kg
Dimensions 2320 × 3100 × 110 cm

10 feet

Continuous power STC

990 Wp

High-performance modules

3×335 Wp

Average daily amount of energy

2980 Wh

Summer days Energy amount

6000 Wh

Cable, option available

10 m
30 m

Adjustable tilt angle


Output connector


Protection class


Operating temperature

-25°C to +60°C

Output voltage MMP STC

102 V

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