MH RoofTopPV

The MH RoofTopPV is an innovative solar solution for MobilHybrid. Quick installation, up to 800 kWh of solar power per year, environmentally friendly, off-grid and cost-saving. Ideal for self-sufficient energy supply when travelling.


The MH RoofTopPV a newly developed and innovative solar solution especially for your MobilHybrid. Installed in a flash thanks to prefabricated brackets. MH RoofTopPV simply on the roof of the MobilHybrid and up to 800kWh of solar power can be generated per year.

  • Quick installationThanks to prefabricated brackets, it can be installed in no time at all.
  • High energy productionGeneration of up to 800 kWh of solar power per year.
  • Ultimate self-sufficient power supplyIn combination with our mobile power storage unit for environmentally friendly energy.
  • Cost savingsReduces diesel consumption and CO2 emissions, licence-free and can be used off-grid.
  • Simple assemblyAttach robust aluminium profiles to the roof with SuperMagnets, PV modules can be installed by one person in just a few minutes.
  • Longer battery lifePV modules protect against deep discharge in the event of a generator or grid failure.
  • Summer advantagesOptimum shading of the MobilHybrid.
  • High compatibilityEasy to transport and compatible with any MobilHybrid with PV option.

Additional information

Rated power

880 Wp

Solar annual energy

800 kWh

Average daily amount of energy

2.5 kWh

Summer days Energy amount

5 kWh

Tilt angle




Size Length Width Height

2200 mm x 1762 mm x 400 mm


approx. 60 kg

Rated voltage STC mpp

63,4 V

Rated current STC mpp

13,4 A

Temperature range

-25°C .. 60°C

Savings per year with MH

> 1000 litres per year

Amortisation time with generator supply

approx. 0.8 years

Amortisation time with mains supply

approx. 2.6 years

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