The MobilHybrid MH12 is the solution for a sustainable, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly power supply in a wide range of applications. With its compact design and advanced battery technology, it offers the flexibility you need to fulfil your energy requirements.


The MobilHybrid MH-12 is a versatile energy storage system that has been specially developed to fulfil the requirements of different environments. With its compact size and powerful battery systems, the MH-12 is a sustainable and efficient solution for a wide range of applications.

  • Construction sites: The MobilHybrid MH-12 is ideal for small and medium-sized construction sites, both with and without diesel operation. It not only provides a reliable power supply for construction machinery and equipment, but also reduces the environmental impact through the use of emission-free energy.
  • Increased performance of the grid connection: In situations where the mains connection is limited, the MH-12 can be used as a power amplifier. It ensures a stable power supply and equalises fluctuations in the grid.
  • Peak-Shaving: For loads with a high starting current, such as large machines, the MH-12 peak load coverage. It prevents expensive peak load charges from being incurred and optimises energy efficiency.
  • Supply of mobile machines: With its versatile connection options (220V/400V), the MH-12 is perfect for powering mobile machines and devices. Whether you are working on a construction site or in agriculture, it supplies the energy you need.
  • Emission-free power supply: Especially in environments where emissions must be avoided, such as tunnel work, construction sites in cities and nature reserves, the MH-It ensures that you have environmentally friendly, clean energy available without compromising on performance.

Additional information

Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 1200 × 800 × 1290 cm


Continuous power VA at 25°V


Peak power VA 25°C 5 sec


Output voltage AC

3 AC 230 / 400 V

Input current max. AC

100A 3ph

Max. Output current (with external AC source)

63A (63A)

Protective functions

Overload, overtemperature, short circuit, discharged battery

Earth fault protection

63 A 3ph 100m A FI

Usable battery capacity kWh


Input connector

CEE 63A 3ph

Output connector A

CEE 63A 1ph

Output connector B

3 x Schuko 16A IP54

Charging time until fully charged


Auxiliary contact (remote start diesel gen.)

Harting HAN-7D

Battery monitoring

LCD display: voltages, power, remaining battery capacity, range, charging cycle history

Battery cycles


Protection class


Operating temperature range

-10°C to +45°C

Weight approx. (without options)


Optional photovoltaic connection

MPPT controller with up to 8kWp connectable module power

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