The MobilHybrid MH-48 / 3ph offers maximum performance and reliability in a wide range of demanding applications. With the aim of meeting energy requirements, reducing operating costs and minimising environmental impact, the MH-48 / 3ph is the right choice for the success of your projects.


The MobilHybrid MH-48 / 3ph is a high-performance energy storage system that achieves impressive results in a wide range of demanding applications. This energy storage system is ideal for:

1. supplying construction sites with an energy requirement of up to 100 kWh per dayThe MH-48 / 3ph provides sufficient energy to cover the needs of construction sites with a daily consumption of up to 100 kWh. It ensures a reliable power supply, even in demanding environments.

2. increasing the performance of the grid connection (grid booster)The MH-48 / 3ph can be used as a grid booster to reinforce the grid connection. This is particularly useful when additional power is required to cover the energy demand.

3. hybridisation of power generators to save up to 70% of operating costsIntelligent hybridisation of power generators can reduce operating costs by up to 70%. The MH-48 / 3ph makes a significant contribution to increasing efficiency.

4. peak shaving for loads with high starting currents such as cranes, saws and pumps: In environments where machines are operated with high starting currents, the MH-48 / 3ph efficient peak shaving. This leads to a stabilisation of energy consumption.

5. emission-free power supply for tunnelling work and construction sites in cities and nature conservation areasThe MH-48 / 3ph offers an environmentally friendly solution for tunnelling work and construction sites in urban and nature conservation areas. It reduces CO2 emissions and minimises the environmental impact.

6. redundant power supply for events and filming: For events and filming, the MH-48 / 3ph for a reliable and redundant power supply. It ensures a continuous power supply, even in the event of unforeseen failures.

Additional information

Weight 3000 kg
Dimensions 2490 × 1270 × 2250 cm


Size WxDxH mm

1.270 x 2.490 x 2.250


approx. 3,000kg

Continuous power VA at 25°V

48000 VA

Peak power VA 25°C 5 sec

120000 VA

Output voltage AC

3AC 230V / 400V

Input current max. AC

2*100A 3ph

Max. Output current


Protective functions

Overload, overtemperature, short circuit, discharged battery

Earth fault protection

Iso monitor o. 300mA FI

Usable battery capacity

48 kWh (expandable up to 72kWh)

Input connector

1 x CEE 125A 3ph (optionally others)

Output connector A

1 x CEE 125A 3ph (optionally others)

Output connector B

3x Schuko 16A IP54

Charging time until fully charged


Auxiliary contact (remote start diesel gen.)

Harting HAN-7D

Battery monitoring

LCD display: voltages, power, remaining battery capacity, range, charging cycle history

Battery cycles


Protection class


Operating temperature range

-10°C to +40°C

Optional photovoltaic connection

1 MPPT 8 kWp connectable module output

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