MobilHybrid Self-Service

Take the MobilHybrid must always be operated for the first time without connected loads, generator and/or grid. Any planned PV system may already be connected. Activate the device by turning the EMERGENCY STOP switch slightly to the left and allowing it to extend. Switch the main switch to ON and the MobilHybrid is started, the fans start up, switching noises can be heard and the display initially shows the start screen. Please wait until the "Overview" or "Tiles" view appears and the exclamation mark in the triangle at the top right of the screen has disappeared.

By selecting "Quattro 48/10000/140-2×100" (from MH18; in devices up to MH12: "MultiPlus 48/5000/70") to access the inverter configuration menu. Here, go to INPUT POWER LIMITATION and change the value according to your generator or permissible grid power.

Before storage or winter storage, the MobilHybrid fully charged!!! Charge the MobilHybrid on the mains or generator for several hours. The percentage value of the battery indicator on the display is an internally calculated value and does not always reflect the actual battery condition. After fully charging, you can switch off the MobilHybrid switch off at the main switch. If the device is not used for a longer period of time (more than 2 weeks), it must be recharged regularly (at least every 4 weeks). To extend the service life of the MobilHybrid, it is recommended to store the appliance indoors if possible.

Store the device in rooms with low humidity (<70% relative humidity, non-condensing) and at an ambient temperature between -10°C and 30°C. Before commissioning, the MobilHybrid must have been in its actual installation location for at least 6 hours in order to avoid condensation in the appliance and the resulting damage to the electronics.

In the event of particularly strong solar radiation and high outside temperatures >40°C, the shading of the MobilHybrid by a protective roof is recommended. If the technical and ambient conditions specified on the rating plate cannot be met, the MobilHybrid can no longer be operated.

Blocked or insufficient ventilation, an increased ambient temperature or excessive loads can lead to some components inside the appliance overheating. In this case, the appliance automatically reduces its output until the normal situation is restored. If the temperature exceeds 55°C or falls below -15°C, the MobilHybrid switches off automatically and only resumes operation when it is within the range of 50°C and -10°C again.

Operation in very dusty ambient air leads to premature clogging of the filter mats. As a result, the electronics of the MobilHybrid to such an extent that the MobilHybrid reduces the output power until it is switched off.

Please check the air filters. In particularly dusty environments, check the air filter more often, or weekly if necessary. Check air filters at all housing openings according to instructions and clean filters if necessary. Heavily soiled or damaged filter inserts must be replaced.

Carry out the insulation test according to the operating instructions if IT system. If the test does not run as described, switch off the MobilHybrid immediately (press the emergency stop button) and inform a qualified electrician who will identify and rectify the fault. The MobilHybrid may only be used again after the fault has been rectified and the insulation monitor is ready for operation! The same applies if the insulation monitor triggers during operation and indicates an insulation fault (yellow LED lights up).

Test the RCD in accordance with the operating instructions (TN-S devices only). The residual current circuit breaker must be switched on when MobilHybrid must be set to "I". Now press the "T" button. The RCD must switch to "off" (labelled "O"). Once the test has been completed successfully, switch the switch back to "I". The MobilHybrid is ready for operation.

Check GSM/LTE reception on the home screen. If there is no reception, check the location and MobilHRestart ybrid if necessary.

Check the following:

  1. MobilHybrid is switched off? Solution: Switch on the device.
  2. Emergency stop is activated? Solution: Release the emergency stop.
  3. Batteries are full? Solution: No action necessary.
  4. Input fuse generator on MobilHybrid fallen? Solution: Search for errors, rectify and restart.
  5. Insulation monitor has detected insulation fault? Solution: Search for the error, eliminate it and restart.
  6. Is the rotating field of the supply line incorrect? Solution: Have a qualified electrician check and switch to clockwise rotating field. If the supply line is connected with a clockwise rotating field, a clearly audible switching/clacking of the contactor can be heard when the supply cable is connected and disconnected at the "Generator/Grid" input of the MobilHybrid.

The operation of the MobilHybrid is only possible with the aid of a jumper between pins 3 and 5 on AUX1 (e.g. for charging from the mains or stand-alone).

No operation possible without AUX1 plug, outputs are switched off

To MobilHybrid can be used with selected PV-option, up to 21 standard modules with a peak power of 250 to 400 watts can be connected. The permissible output voltage of the PV-system for the MobilHybrid is between 60 and 150V. This voltage range must be maintained under all irradiation and temperature conditions. There are 4 PV-inputs with a maximum current of 20A each are available. The PV Inputs are individually fused and up to 20A module current, e.g. from 2 strings of standard modules, can be connected. All inputs have a common MPP tracker, which ensures optimum utilisation of your PV system. The cable connectors Phoenix Contact SunClix Art. No. 1774687 and 1774674 are suitable as cable connectors.

PV module defective or PV fuse blown? Solution: Have the cause determined by a qualified electrician and, if necessary, replace the PV fuse(s) after rectifying the fault.

If the battery voltage is below 43V per battery pack, it is no longer possible to charge the battery. Only the function of the changeover relay is still active. The undervoltage cut-off can be interrupted for 15 minutes using the "ABS_Off" button. It is important that a three-phase power source is connected to the generator or grid input with your clockwise rotating field. MobilHybrid back to normal.

In the event of an overload or short circuit at the output, the inverters switch off for a few seconds and then restart. If this situation occurs three times in immediate succession, the inverters switch off completely. To reactivate, the MobilHybrid must be switched off and on again using the main switch. The cause of the overload must be rectified by a qualified electrician.

If the voltage of the MobilHybrid falls below the charging limit, the MobilHybrid can be recharged. If this occurs, the red "Charging" LED in the hinge window next to the PV fuses lights up. At the same time, the contact in the AUX1 connector between Pin1 and Pin2 is closed. This is the signal to start the generator and switch on the MobilHybrid at the input with power. The MobilHybrid switches off before the battery voltage drops too low to protect the battery from deep discharge.

Connect the generator cable to the generator and MobilHybrid on. AUX1 pins 1 and 2 is the floating contact for "Generator ON". (max. contact load: 24VDC/3A; 230VAC/3A). Connect the completed generator control cable to AUX1 and lock it. Now connect the cable to the generator. Set the generator to automatic operation. A timer on the generator must be deactivated. Via the display on the MobilHybrid, the generator can be started manually for test purposes in the "Settings, Generator start/stop, Manual start" menu. After a successful test, the "Manual start" must be deactivated again in the menu.

To maximise battery life, the device is programmed to request a maintenance run of the generator every 21 days. This maintenance run means that your generator runs for 6 hours at a time and fully charges the battery.

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